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My Rehab Team – The Complete Solution

My Rehab Team was created for clients who have suffered from a life-changing injury or illness. They require specialist neurological rehabilitation to optimise their recovery. This includes a multidisciplinary approach to care and service. This usually involves a physiatrist who directs the rehabilitation program, and a range of healthcare specialists. These include a urologist, spinal cord injury specialist, allied health professionals such as physiotherapists who have skills in motor learning, balance, strength, cardiovascular, gait and wheelchair mobility, occupational therapists who have the ability to facilitate independence in home adaptations, self-care and adaptive aids, speech and language therapists, dieticians, physiotherapy assistants, social workers and psychological services.

It’s important to remember that rehabilitation Visit My Rehab Team is not only physically taxing, but also emotionally draining. This is particularly the case when a client suffers from a severe disability due to trauma or a chronic condition like MS, Parkinson’s disease or spinal cord injury. They must re-learn how to perform simple tasks and develop new motor skills that are often difficult to acquire.

When this happens, clients can easily become frustrated and disillusioned with their rehabilitation process. They may feel that they are making no progress, or that they are being pushed too hard by their therapists. In some cases, a patient can even get so tired and depressed that they stop attending their rehabilitation sessions.

To address these challenges, Dr Ulla Gerich-McGregor and her team at The Rehab Physio have developed a comprehensive rehabilitation model called the Complete Solution. This includes the use of an online rehabilitation app that helps clients to follow their personalised rehabilitation program and track their progress over time. The Rehab Physio app is free for patients to download and is designed to help them achieve the best possible outcomes from their rehabilitation program.

The app includes videos of specific exercises so that users can see exactly how they should perform them. It also allows the user to set goals and track their progress through charts and graphs. It can be a little tricky to navigate at first as it requires a smart phone, but once you are used to it it is a great tool to have at your disposal during your rehabilitation.

The Rehab Physio has found that their clients are more engaged with their rehabilitation when they have the support of an online app. Clients who have downloaded the app report that it has helped them to keep up with their rehabilitation and to stay motivated during a challenging time.

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